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Father Christmas by The Kinks

If you are looking for an effervescent riposte to the parade of moribund Christmas novelty songs that we are faced with every year, then look no further than Father Christmas by The Kinks.

Released as a single in 1977 it has great lyrics and a wicked riff by Dave Davies. This is such a catchy tune with meaningful words that it has always baffled me that it doesn’t receive more airplay at this time of year.

We live in a world where awful tracks like Wonderful Christmastime and Mistletoe and Wine are played to death, with no sign of abating (McCartney’s festive hit will probably still be playing in department stores come the apocalypse) but Father Christmas by the Kinks is unknown to many.

The song tells the tale of someone dressed up as Father Christmas being attacked and it sends out a message about greed at Christmas.

“Father Christmas give us some money

Don’t mess around with those silly toys

We’ll beat you up if you don’t hand it over

We want your bread so don’t make us annoyed

Give all the toys to the little rich kids”

It is funny and has an important message, delivered by the Christmas Prophet of Satire Ray Davies;

“Have yourself a Merry Christmas

Have yourself a good time

But remember the kids who got nothing

While your drinkin down your wine”

Wishing you all a very peaceful Christmas, love John xx

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