If I Could Fall by John de Gruyther

“Let’s drive to Mexico, the wind in our hair”
I smile and say ok, but I know you won’t be there.

Remember the midnight fields and barely contained fear?
It’s stealing up on me in the dead night of silence.
Awoken by the tumbling rain, feeling safe but it’s time again.

Echoes of nostalgia cannot lift the sorrow from my lids.
My mood as fleeting as autumnal meadows.
I could hurt, if I could feel and not stay so contained.

And I could see, if only to believe the voices that I hear.
And I could hurt and I could fall, taking the whole before.
And you could see, if only to believe, the ringing in your ears.

“Maybe a song about the summer?”
Yes that would be good, I’ll meet you there.

Remember the poem, where the path’s not taken?
Words appear swirling, down some memory filled lane.
Where I don’t make that mistake again.

So stay serene in the tumultuous rage.
If only we could all see, if only to believe,
That in glorious sunshine, there is always shade.

©John de Gruyther 2013

Dedicated to those who suffer with depression. Words are often not enough but let us show through the actions of loving one another that there is always hope.

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