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A Growing Voice

Independent authors are a growing voice and they are rapidly re-defining what it means to be a published author. In a new feature I review some of my favourite indie books and speak with the authors to discover what makes them tick.

In this post I assess Our Daughters by Lori Lesko and have the pleasure of catching up with Lori and asking her a few questions.

Our Daughters by Lori Lesko

Imagine a world where men don’t exist and all reference to the male has been expunged from history books. This is the intriguing premise of Our Daughters and we are introduced to a world run and governed by an all female senate and where reproduction is dealt with by using a mysterious serum.

The story at first glance appears to be a utopian fantasy but quickly unfolds into a dystopian nightmare. Those familiar with Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World will appreciate the themes at work in this imaginative morality play.

The main protagonist is Helethia and to begin with she is oblivious and aloof but as the truth about men is revealed Helethia is thrown right into the secret world of Unit 546 and is repulsed by what she discovers.

With a mix of genres spanning romance, feminism, political thriller and science fiction Lesko has created a fast paced thriller that you will not be able to put down.

Meet The Author 

1) Why do you write?

It makes me happy to write. Throughout my life I’ve always been involved with art in some fashion. I have been a dancer and choreographer. I’ve acted and directed plays while in college. I studied photography for a year. Then I worked as an editor in a financial company. Now, I have a way to create my own art. Writing my crazy stories and giving in to my imagination is extremely freeing and powerful. I now have a voice. I own it, if that makes any sense.

2) Who are your biggest influences as a writer?

Emily Bronte, Robert A. Heinlein, Leo Tolstoy, Suzanne Collins, Stephen King, but the list keeps growing.

3) What book are you reading at the moment?

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak

4) If you were the last survivor of a nuclear apocalypse and could take only one book with you into the bunker, what would it be and why?

Catching Fire-The Hunger Games, Why? Because my mouth constantly dropped open every other page I read. Suzanne Collins was brilliant at building tension and characters.

5) What projects are you currently working on?

My first novel titled COPYRIGHT. It’s a psychological thriller about a famous author who gets one of her books stolen which in turn makes her life fall apart. She has to decide what she’s willing to do-how far she will go to get justice.

Let’s Talk About The Text

1) What inspired the premise of a world without men?

The thought has always been with me. But I guess it really peaked during last year’s political race and there begun this war on women. It was always there just bubbling below the surface, but when certain men running for office made demands on limiting birth control and blatantly lying about what Women’s Health Clinics were doing, I lost my mind. They treated women like second class citizens. I kept thinking, what if the tables were turned?

It started seeping into my dreams and one night I had a vivid dream, actually of an intense sexual nature. I was having relations with a man (don’t know who) and quite enjoyed it. I then remember going out of my room and telling other women about my experience, because they have never had sex. But just then, another woman ran down the hall crying that our good friend (somehow we all lived in this mansion) had given birth to a boy.

We were devastated and grieved for her. Because we knew that wasn’t allowed. However, when this woman recovered from her loss and faced her peers, they allowed her to at least stay in the senate as a member. We rejoiced at this news.

I woke up from that dream and wrote an outline. That day I started writing the novella.

2) Without spoiling the end can you tell me what happens to Claudia and Sydney?

No, I don’t think I can answer it, although, I expanded a few more details when I adapted it into the screenplay. I wanted to leave it open to the reader’s imagination. I always intended it to be a series of books so I had to leave some loose ends. Though it’s fair to say, they transformed into twisted-powerful-resentful individuals.


Thanks to Lori for taking the time to answer my questions.

About The Author

Visit Lori’s website for the latest information about her novel COPYRIGHT and to read her blog. www.lorilesko.com

Our Daughters at Amazon

Diamond City At Amazon

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