Photo used with kind permission of MoonRiver Jewellery

Married With Cufflinks

Cheap suit

High heels

Dice-shaped cufflinks

A gift from your niece

Cows in the field

Text from your wife

Married with cufflinks

Oh what a life

Rugby players travelling first class

In carriage C

It takes a lot to maintain diplomacy

Nerves in tatters

Emotions in shreds

Married with cufflinks

With a dream in your head

Mirror Mirror on the wall

What happened to my hairline

Just waiting for the right time

Just bought a new car

A shiny megane

With a platinum star

Standing on the platform

With gel in your hair

Married with cufflinks

A stench in the air

A bottle of bubbly

On a friday night

A trip to New York

Everything nice

Married with cufflinks

Ok for you

Married with cufflinks

What else can you do

Married with cufflinks

When life is absurd

Married with cufflinks

4-Bed in the burbs

Mirror Mirror on the wall

What happened to my hairline

©John de Gruyther 2013

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