A very powerful piece by the very talented Nicholas Gagnier. This is an important issue, please read.

Good Morning Bedtime Story

It’s not unknown that the Internet era, for all its little pleasures and conveniences, allows us to live in a much different world than a decade ago.  When I was fifteen, having just escaped a boarding school that is now defunct because of abuse allegations, the biggest issue was Napster pirating millions of songs users could download for free. Google and Youtube did not exist. Hotmail was the world’s most popular free e-mail service. Communicating with your friends and enemies was limited to a messenger app on dial-up. It was much harder to circulate videos of teenage girls being raped because our cell phones were large and bulky, and it took several days to transfer files.

Thank God I was spared this Internet culture in grade school. My torment at the hands of other kids was already a disturbing trends, but they were limited to the school day. Girls could…

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