Latest news from Good Morning Bedtime Story. Check this project out, it deals head on with the issues of mental illness and does this through some stunning writing. In this latest post there is also a little reference to my collaboration with Retcon Poet, called “Cold Snap Dawn”


Good Morning Bedtime Story

Progress continues as we furiously scribble away, always working on new material- expect a preview within the next few weeks for the cover of our upcoming second book tentatively titled     ” Viscera”.

The title is based off of the nature of the book, which will showcase the truth, the heart, the guts, the real shocking honesty inside all of us that we don’t always let it out. A collection of short anonymous true stories that are not afraid  of themselves but rather strive to show us the bravery and strength that comes with sharing your pain. Never think you are alone in your struggle to remain human in a often cold and calculating world. 

On a lighter note, the Founders of GMBS are pleased to announce a new and interesting twist to our own personal work – Spoken Word Poetry. Nick “RetConPoet” Gagnier has already take steps in…

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