An analytical and forensic look at the Trump presidency so far. Woodward really is a master of his craft, a reminder of how important good balanced journalism is in holding power to account.

It struck me that the central conflict of the book seems to be how civil servants, both Republicans and Democrats, had deep misgivings about how Trump was conducting himself. They then faced the conflict of going along with it and try to change things from within, but risk being complicit. Or be vocal against his ideas and risk their reputations, job security, and perhaps risk their own political agendas.

What would you do? What if the office you serve starts to order things you know to be wrong, do you stay silent? Do you look away as the jack boots start rounding up those whose faces don’t fit?

Terrifying and fascinating in equal measure, this is a must read for anyone concerned about where the world is heading.

5 window panes out of 5.

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