Take your “banana republic,” and shove it

Take your Tory shambolitics and stuff it in your offshore havens

Take your “will of the people”, your “letterbox” rhetoric, of intolerance and divide, and insert it where the sun don’t shine

Let’s take this hammer and smash all that you stand for

this banana symbolic of your colonial bygone

let’s crush it and make it gone

destroy capitalistic icon

Bringing white privilege out of the closet

stop allowing the rich a place to cosset

Naming not our resistance but owning the values held dear


True peace

A system that’s fair

Ashamed of your dog whistle diplomacy

tired of veiled racism

far right, anti-semitic, populist, Nazi, KKK, whatever your name, just stop with the hate already

The Fruit Company

at the root of this outmoded currency of decadent indifference, wilful ignorance,

the delicate wastelands of America, burning books faster than Bradbury could ever have imagined

Do they feel what strong love is

how powerful the collective

harnessing inverse invective

to bring the order to its knees

Copyright John de Gruyther 2020 

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