Several years ago whilst doing some freelance work for a magazine I had the honour of speaking with science fiction legend Vonda N McIntyre. When she passed away last year I remembered our chat and how giving she was of her time, she was warm, informative and very humble.

Then I forgot about it until listening to the Entropy Effect podcast by Claytemple Media triggered a memory that I had my original interview notes with her lying around on a hard drive somewhere. I had a quick dig about and to my delight found my notes. Due to the requirements of the publication I was working for I could use very little of what she had told me or it was edited in a way that meant it lost some of her voice from the final piece. So in tribute to her I have edited my original notes and transcribed her answers verbatim and bring you this lost interview from the vaults.

You can read the full interview that has just been published exclusively by Claytemple Media.

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