Photography by John de Gruyther 

The World Outside the Window is pleased to feature a series of poems by guest poet Phil Barnes, author of the popular My Teacher series of books and co-founder of “The Poet is Mightier than the Sword” spoken word events. First up, The Last Soldier.

Wandering lonely through the smoke filled air. The soldier tries to organise his thoughts of despair.

His friends, his comrades all turned to dust. But continue the fight he knows he must.

The enemy gets closer with every breath drawn. But on goes the soldier though his body is forlorn.

With his pack on his back and gun in hand. Over the dune he climbs and in to the sand.

Away in the distance the incoming fleet
. He must hold out for some time if they’re to meet.

Hunkering down ready to make his last stand. Days like this were not what he had planned.

His mind wanders back to picnics with Flora. Those days in the park, how he adores her.

Promises of marriage and children he’d given. A place of their own where they’d start living.

The tears come quickly and roll down his face. As reality kicks in that he’ll never see this place.

Down the beach he sees the enemy coming. Away from the shore he hears the boats humming.

It’s too late for him now, “goodbye old Blighty” he whispers. “I’ll miss you all, my brother’s and sisters.”

“Flora my love, I’m sorry I’m not strong enough.”

“But carry on in life, I know you must.”

Up he stands knowing what will be his fate. The last soldier no more, up in heaven he’ll wait…

Copyright Phil Barnes 2018

Check out Phil’s website for the latest news on his book releases.

Throughout the week we will be featuring more of Phil’s poetry and look out for an announcement regarding a live poetry podcast coming soon.

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