My poem The Memo has just been released exclusively via FVR and the words for the poem inspired this song. I have recorded a demo and it is available as a free download via Soundcloud. Let me know what you think? And if you think it’s worth a couple of quid you could always buy me a cup of coffee? If not I hope you enjoy it anyway…..

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It will probably be one of the songs on an EP I am hoping to release independently once I have finished a couple of writing projects I am working on. The songs seem to have developed loosely around the themes of power and the different ways in which we as humans have the capacity to allow power to corrupt us. It can go right from the bottom to the top, maybe you’ve got that promotion at work and you have used that to make other lives miserable, or maybe you’re the president of the United States and well… The EP was going to be called Nursery Rhymes and Terrible Crimes (How I  caused and subsequently survived the Trump-ocalypse), but this title is now on the back burner. And despite my fondness for over-long titles, it doesn’t really represent what the record is about, it was a fairly simplistic response to the event that has obviously been playing on my mind.

The world is full of divisive voices and I don’t want to add my voice to this noise, the world needs a more nuanced discussion about where we are at, and the words and sounds I have discovered in writing these songs reflect a more meditative and personal space. I am still angry, angry at intolerance and hatred, but I don’t want to be equally intolerant but waving a different coloured flag. I am obviously not perfect, but I do want to be better, a better friend, a better father and lover and a better citizen of the universe, so this is my presidential pledge. “I will try to be better, will you join me?”

The EP will probably be released in CD format and be available from Amazon and released via The World Outside the Window Publishing. I am hoping to get the band back together to complete the project but stay tuned for further updates.

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