A new poem written specifically for a spoken word event a friend and I are hosting in May. The event is called “The Poet is Mightier than the Sword” and celebrates the inclusive power of words, there is a general theme of social action and how words can empower.


Perched in the doorway of the Atik
Watching the seagulls go at it
The bus is late or early depending on your perspective, either way the rain makes you wet
The soap and suds is open til late and above it there are angels in the architecture, lions too
Seeming drudgery making way to beauty
Or is beauty always in the small places, the unseen spaces
In a house called Eastgate (a Roman remnant, not that anyone reads history books anymore) there is a place that will assess whether you can work, even if you’re dying.

They take money away from people, leave your dignity at the re-enforced doors policed by security cameras,

wonder what they are scared of?

In that same house they help people get jobs or a second chance if they’ve been a victim of happenstance

And out in the rain next to the gutter the Sally Army never closes its shutter. The languages are different the shops reflecting a varied culture

The lions in the rooftops smile kindly, guarding a kingdom of love and life that we take too lightly

Copyright John de Gruyther


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