This is a song for all those who feel faceless, whether that’s because you keep putting your soul on the line and sending off manuscripts to editors who never reply or you are someone who has been ignored by the system. Love and acceptance is out there but sometimes it starts from within.

“Coffee Stained Rejection Slip

Man in the street down in the lip

Selling subscriptions for channels you never knew you wanted

Babe Station, it’s a new nation

Enter your credit card details into the box below

Lo and behold

That’s where they found him, hanging around pound shops looking for used items

Grounding up Tramadol, dreaming of his big parole


Fearing that life inside is safer than on the outside

Yet the greatest threat is undoubtedly the mind

It can be unkind

Especially for the hard of thinking

Especially for the hard of thinking”

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018


If you like this song, you can download it for free on the Soundcloud desktop site. Feel free to share it with others, all I ask is that you credit me and link to this site. And if you feel like paying for this song why not put some money in my coffee fund? Just £2.60 will keep me in Mocha for a day. Thank you.

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