By John de Gruyther

Sudan! How can the world not cry

When we turn a blind eye

Now you’re invisible

Just another cute picture on the internet

Shrug your shoulders and click refresh

Well I won’t forget

This is what we get

Sudan! Yes we can, turn you into a symbol for peace and love

Sudan, I won’t forget

Try not to forget

Turn a page of the internet

One day bitter regret

No, Sudan! I’ll never forfeit

Compassion for lies

Let hope hit you in the eyes




Copyright John de Gruyther 2018


If you liked my poem, feel free to print it off and maybe pin it to your fridge. If you liked it that much maybe you’d like to buy me a cup of coffee? Then I can spend more time in my favourite book store/coffee shop creating more poems for you. As luck would have it you can now easily give me your spare change so I can buy lovely coffee. All you have to do is click the button below. Please, thank you and much love to all who read the site.

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My interpretation of Sudan, the last Male Northern White Rhino in the world, was done using Raffine Sketching pencils and just a touch of pastel. If you fancy having a draw then I would recommend these pencils, they are the best I have used so far. You can look for art products via the link below, and if you do I get a few pennies.

2 thoughts on “Sudan

  1. Was it a rhino or the spear that killed my great uncle in Sudan? The natives said it was the rhino, who caused him to fall on his spear, but there was doubt… lots of doubt. Guns are not necessary when there are a rhino and a spear together…


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