Trigger warning – This work contains a discussion of child sexual exploitation.


Police Appear to punish victims

Thirteen year old girl, “with disrupted clothing”,

found by police in a house with a group of men who’d given her vodka

A neighbour had heard the girl screaming

The teenager was arrested for being drunk and disorderly

The men were not questioned

The MEN were not questioned

The victim was Arrested

Twelve year old girl found plied with alcohol, with a 22-year-old man. Indecent images of her on his phone

No action was taken

No action was taken

In court, the prosecution barrister said: “He had been humiliated in front of others by things that his girlfriend had said.” And then.

“They had a stormy relationship and argued frequently, sometimes about her relationships with other men”.

She was twelve

A victim

Not a girlfriend

legally incapable of consent

legally incapable of consent

Victims are commonly teenagers in the care system, backgrounds of abuse and neglect,

learning disabilities,

mental health problems,

As vulnerable as you can get

‘Kids like me deserve this.’

‘Kids like me deserve this.”

Found these words in the public domain

It shames us all, it should cause you pain

Not saying this merely to provoke or question your substance

But it’s time to wake up, before more children suffer in silence

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018

Found poem using the following news reports investigating the victim blaming culture of child sexual exploitation. There is help out there, charities, friends, talk to someone if you can. You didn’t deserve it and it’s not your fault.

The Guardian


The Children’s Society



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