My latest experiment in soundscapes. The lyrics seem to be a reflection on our human capacity for dualism. The tune has been hanging around my mind for several years and it started out as a reaction to an invite to a school reunion. I thought, why the hell would I want to do that. I think my resistance to looking back has softened over the years. But for me there has to be a reason to look at the past. Mostly I want to be right here in the moment. This track features hand claps and backing vocals by my 8 year old son.

I’m trying to learn patience with songwriting and with the sound editing. I’m allowing thoughts to congregate and settle. I will rework lines and let the words be an ever evolving force of their own.

The Voices seem the same
But the image that remains
is just an echo of the lives that we

The terms you can’t sustain
for the image you maintain
just a mirage for the lies that you begot

Though the words may seem the same
the suspicion that remains
Is this the only life we’ve got?

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018


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