With the text of Aardvark Tales the novel now completed today’s prompt reminded me of where it all began with the courage of a little girl, my daughter and my hero.


“This is a story for a little girl who is always brave. A story for all children, big and small, who are scared or poorly, or sometimes both. A story for all those grown-ups who worry about their special small people. A story for all those who do the most amazing job of looking after our special people. A story that will not cure anyone of illness or take away pain or grief but is my tiny contribution towards making sure the amazing work of the Royal Children’s hospital in Bristol continues to be amazing.

Once there was a little girl and she was very ill. Her Dad visited her in hospital everyday. He was so worried inside, the most worried he had ever been about anything. But they shared a secret, a land of adventures awaited them every night, they just had to close their eyes and believe. Everyday the Dad left the hospital with a promise; the very next day he would return with the new instalment of a story they were sharing. A story about a very silly Aardvark and his very beautiful friend, Evie. It was a story that gave them hope.

All profits from the sale of this book are being donated to the Grand Appeal to support the work of Bristol Children’s hospital.”

Aardvark Tales Part One is available now as an ebook.

The follow up to part one, a full novel, is coming soon.


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