If the bottom half of the internet is to be believed all modern films are rubbish or don’t conform to some kind of John Wayne vision of democracy. In this nightmare world the online comment sections have replaced popular opinions and fact. It is a world where elections are carried out and decided via Twitter. In this world we should burn all our original Star Wars toys because a woman is the main character. Don’t even get the bottom feeders (my new term for internet trolls) started on a black person portraying a storm trooper.

Well thankfully my friends I can assure that the world outside the window isn’t really like that. Look out your window now and just think, even if it’s raining where you are, somewhere in the world the sun is shining. Somewhere in the world someone is helping another human being.

There is a vocal minority of keyboard bottom feeders, cowering behind their screens, shouting obscenities at the world from the false security of virtual anonymity. But they don’t represent hope, they are frightened of change and that’s ok, we all are, but they themselves are evidence that change for the good is going to happen.

Black Lives Matter, the equal pay debate and Me Too campaigns are just some examples of how this is happening.  And the funny thing is there is a place even for the bottom feeders, the haters and saboteurs, because those that choose love will embrace them. To quote Michael Burnham from the brilliant Star Trek Discovery –

“If you’d have just asked for help, we would have helped you. That’s what the Federation does.”

Back to the original point of my post, which is films are still good and there is quality, magic, philosophical debate, and hope to be found within the movie theatre.

I recently decided to simplify my approach to watching TV and film. I don’t read critics reviews until after and avoid most online forums. This allows me to enter the cinema in a more open place, removed from cynicism or agendas. It has resulted at me crying at some unusual films, I think because I’m there to be dazzled by the silver screen. I have no expectations just optimism and a box of popcorn. In that spirit here are five films I’m really excited to see.

Black Panther

This just looks epic and exciting.

The Post

Tom Hanks, Meryl Streep, Spielberg – I’m in.

Avengers: Infinity War

A franchise with a seemingly infinite number of sequels. But I’ve made it this far so we will see how this goes.

Ready Player One

I enjoyed the book, which was a geek’s fantasy and I’m excited to see what Spielberg does with it, as the book is essentially a love letter to his creations. And the trailer has  got the De Lorean and a little snippet of the Back to the Future music. If the makers are trying to entice me into watching it by appealing to my nostalgia then it’s working.

Isle of Dogs

I’m a big fan of Wes Anderson and I adored his whimsical take on Fantastic Mr Fox. This is his return to stop motion animation and it looks intriguing and charming.




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