When I found out that a good friend was terminally ill I drew this picture and jotted down these words to accompany the picture. I had no conscious plan when writing and I found the words somewhat obtuse and abstract, my mind was trying to tell me something perhaps.

I reflect on these words again today after further sad news about my friends’ condition. I have no platitudes or euphemisms today just emotion.

For my friend Ian.

I saw you standing on the bridge

You were waving

Now you’re out of reach

The memory so vivid, it’s amazing

We were on a stage the spotlight glaring

Five years later I saw a photograph

There was a light above our heads, a halo blazing?

We were always the underdog, defiantly remaining
Sometimes things don’t knit together

But you’re still standing there dear brother, waving or crossing the bridge

What does it mean?

Its significance not lost on me just ignored

I love you

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017


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