There’s gotta be a loophole in this sinkhole we’ve been plunged into

All these shitholes and president assholes, round and round it goes

Stop this ride if you’re fucking sick of hypocrites and the elite getting smugger, because they won so many years ago, and will never be moved on.

Like a mother fleeing violence being forced to live in flea-pitted pestilence, no way to pay her rent, expected to be thankful for a box with donated shampoo.

Well fuck you, like to see you live on 50 quid a week or get your Cayman Island accounts stopped for 6 weeks with no right to review and nothing you can do.

Yes, there’s gotta be a loophole somewhere around here, a world living in fear, of the final warning, no one has ever heard about global warming let alone wormholes, and so it goes.

This universe and this life is glorious but not always nice, even the shadow of a bin contains paradise.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2018


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