It took me an age to see the beauty in graphic novels. I think I’d been programmed to view them as uncool. At school I always kept my love of Star Trek to myself for fear of ridicule.

Then something wonderful happened and it became cool to read comics and watch science fiction. I wasn’t resentful, now that everyone had a Superman t-shirt and Iron Man pyjamas. I embraced it. Now I could express myself and I grew to like graphic novels and comic books because I was free from the snobbery that had previously judged them to be for nerds. Then the nerds took over, taking comic books into the mainstream and it’s been pretty awesome ever since.


6 thoughts on “New Age

  1. I wish I’d never given my DC comics away to the jumble sale many, many moons ago 😢. My brother wishes my mum hadn’t tidied his room for him and given his away to a jumble sale many, many, many moons ago (along with all his Beatle records!)😫. Still he was told to keep his room tidy. Sorry distracted – This post rings so true.

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