Hope by John de Gruyther (adapted from a speech by Jo Cox)

The vast majority are terrified, friendless and profoundly vulnerable children.


scattered across Europe, their lives in a bag, their souls lashed to a make shift raft.

Tonight they came from Syria.

Six barbaric years of conflict

more than a reason to flee, beg humanity for help. Help is all they need

Desperate families making impossible decisions.

Stay and face starvation, rape, persecution and death.

Or make a perilous journey to find sanctuary.

Sweet and precious sanctuary.

Tonight they came from Syria.

Who can blame desperate parents for wanting to escape the horror. Stark reality in which children are being killed on their way to school.

Being KILLED on their way to school.

Killed on their way to school


Where seven year olds are being forced to fight on the front line. They know nothing but war and fear.

Can you hear their cries?

Or have you closed your ears.

Closed your eyes.

No child should ever witness such atrocities

“I know I personally would risk life and limb to get my two precious babies out of that hell-hole.”

Tonight they came from Syria.

Copyright 2016

In Memory of Jo Cox, who fought for freedom and human rights. It cost her her life but her words live on.

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