Pre-order this visceral exploration of life and mental health now. The words froth forth from the page as if they are alive, because they are alive and real..


Preorder now!

Swear to Me is now available for pre-order through FVR on Shopify. Both the Standard and limited run Deluxe edition (available until December 31, 2017 or while supplies last) can be pre-ordered.

The Deluxe Edition contains five additional poems, including the previously published “Homeward Legend”, as well as four works exclusive to the Deluxe Edition: “Don’t Leave Me Now”, “Hold Me Until My Hope Returns”, “Letters to Chester” and “Love in a Time of Grandeur”.

The followup to 2013’s Ground Zero, the Deluxe Edition of Swear to Me is the definitive edition, uniting twenty poets from around the world to raise awareness for mental health and the craft it gave rise to.

Review copies are available in advance.

Featuring Nicole Lyons, Willie Watt, Phil Benton, Kristiana Reed, Dom, Nathan McCool, Rachel Finch, Rana Kelly, Kindra M. Austin, Sarah Doughty, Eric Syrdal, Ward Clever, Marcia Weber, Laurie Wise, Aakriti…

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