I’ve been really focussed this week on producing a review of the new Star Trek TV show. I was really excited to agree a guest spot at LSG Media for this column. They are one of my favourite sci-fi sites and I will be writing for them for the whole run of Star Trek Discovery…

Here’s a little flavour of what I’ve written and you can check out the whole article by following the link.

We are in a universe where Starfleet see themselves as explorers and they haven’t seen hide nor hair of the Klingons for 100 years. The plot sometimes feels exposition heavy but it’s the pilot so I’ll give it a pass.

The Klingons are lurking though and in Discovery appear to have been cast as fanatics. And was it just me or did Burnham have a touch of the Kirks in her hatred for the Klingons? This being a modern show means we get the answer before the two hours are up.”





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