A wasp has made a home inside the rotten potato

I wasn’t happy about it to start with,

but now I think everyone has the right to have a home,

so I donated it a tiny table. So it can have comfort when dining.

A wasp has made a home out of a common old spud

I’ve given it shelter, after

fleeing persecution from the genocidal pesticides

The headlines blare “British Jobs for British Wasps”

Government proposals want a cap on the number of “foreign” wasps entering our sovereign airspace

The only sting in the tail is that we don’t care to look at the world outside our window

But who are we to judge another creatures right to

survive and exist

So I offer asylum

and the wasp and I sit, sipping martinis

discussing the latest cabinet reshuffle

How can they let children wash up upon the shore?

©John de Gruyther 2015


Please check out the Refugee Council to read about some of the excellent work they do.

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