In the last days

On the first day she looked up, there was a long way to go

On the second day, she had got half way. Like a deep sea diver her progress was necessarily steady. Too fast you get the bends, too slow you run out of air

On the third day she felt optimistic. She could see the world for what it was

On the fourth day she developed a penchant for the spectacular decorating the sky for all to see

On the fifth day she rode higher into the atmosphere. A burning colossus, terrible and magnificent

On the sixth day she thought the clouds looked a little gloomy so she painted them, dazzling

And on the seventh day, her journey completed, she looked into the man’s eyes, once described as rich pools of hot chocolate, and said.

“You are my child, as long as I’m here you will be OK.”

Then she rested majestic

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017



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