Peculiar.. Hmmm this one didn’t come easy. Peculiar children? Nah that’s been done! Got it, these are the top five amusing place and street names.

  1. Peculiar, Missouri. Town motto “where the odds are with you.”
  2. Hell, Michigan. Sounds too hot for my liking.
  3. Crackpot, North Yorkshire.
  4. Lower Swell, Gloucestershire. Near The World Outside HQ. And I know it’s infantile but every time I see the sign I have a little giggle. Upper Swell is a nice place as well but I’d give Slaughter a miss.
  5. Turkey Cock Lane, Colchester. This was one of favourites when I used to work in a call centre. We had to give address details to customers phoning in and it was hard to keep a straight face when explaining this address.



I like to credit my sources so thanks to Anglotopia for jogging my memory about Lower Swell, Wikipedia and my own memories of working in a call centre.

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