My flash fiction Old Oak is now on the excellent Zeroflash site. Please check it out and let me know what you think. Lots of other great treats on there as well.


What Casey Did

by John Clewarth

Taking a deep breath, Darton strode into the house, and was temporarily reassured.  He could smell cooking; Casey couldn’t be completely out of her skull.


He opened the living room door.  The television flickered images of the early evening news; the miners still picketing in their never-ending strike.  Casey wasn’t present in the room, just a sickly smell.  The dark stain on the sofa placed confirmed the smell.  Urine.  She’d done it before; wet herself during drunken binges.  Oh, how many times he’d cleaned up her mess. He’s got her out of the run-down estate she’d been brought up in, with its mattress in every other yard – they had the new VHS video recorder and microwave.  But it wasn’t enough.  She’d done it again.  Where the hell was she?

He’d had enough.  He had to get out of this nightmare before it…

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