Ring ring ring ring…

The actor Michael Keaton picks up the phone.

“Hello, Mickey K speaking.”

“Mick, it’s Tony – your agent. I’ve got a great script for you.”

“Excellent but it’s not one of those crappy superhero films is it. I’ve done that and only want stuff like Spotlight.”

Tony: “I think you’ve still got a lot to offer the superhero genre. But this role gives you another chance to show your acting chops. It will see your reputation soar like a bird of prey.”

Mickey K: “That’s not a veiled reference to this being a superhero movie is it?”

Tony: “Mickey what do ya take me for.”

Mickey: “Because I’ve done Birdman so I don’t really want to pastiche my Batman role again.”

Tony: “You’ll love this part. There’s one scene in a car where I can see you in close up delivering the lines dripping with menace. It could be genuinely frightening. You’ll really get your acting talons into it.”

Mickey: “You keep making allusions to birds Tony what the fuck is going on?”

Tony: “Have I ever steered you wrong before?”

Mickey: “One word Tony! Multiplicity.”

Tony: “You’re still on about that.”

Mickey: “Listen Tony I’ve got lunch with Ruffalo in 30 mins. I’ll do the part but promise me this. I won’t have to perch moodily on a building, in a costume, at night will I?”

Tony: “Sorry Mick my boy the call broke up a little. Marvel will be delighted you’ve accepted”

Mickey: “Tony did you say Marvel.. Tony? Hello… Are you still there??”

The Almost a Review Bit – Here be spoilers.

Spider-Man Homecoming might be one of my favourite Marvel films so far. It’s smart, fast-paced, and the action scenes genuinely thrilling. I had vertigo when spidey was climbing the Washington monument.

Downey Jr and Jon Favreau (as Messrs’ Stark and Happy) making a pleasing comedic duo. Tony Stark might be the worst surrogate father figure of all time, and it’s hilarious. The over-arching story about Stark becoming the establishment is touched upon and there is a plot about alien weapons being sold on the black market. But all that is secondary to the main exciting thing about this movie, which is Tom Holland is adorable as spidey. He’s funny, natural and perfect for the role.

“This is just a normal homecoming on the outside of an invisible jet fighting my girlfriends’ Dad.”

I smiled a lot because it was fun. It was very light on connecting all the other films and this was its great strength. It allowed Holland the chance to be the star of the show, and he takes this chance with web-slinging enthusiasm.

I’m excited to see the development of the MJ character as I think they are doing something different and diverse with it.

Special mention for ‎Marisa Tomei who is brilliant as Aunt May. She is sassy, flawed and I’m hoping she gets more to do in future instalments.

Spider-Man has finally had his homecoming and I can’t wait to see what happens next.






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