Fleet Foxes’ “Third of May / Ōdaigahara” from the 2017 album Crack-Up. Video by Sean Pecknold & Adi Goodrich. Get the album now: http://smarturl.it/CrackUp.all

The Fleet Foxes new album Crack-Up is an experimental affair five years in the making. Suffused with melancholy and glorious harmonious it is still unmistakably the Fleet Foxes. This week’s track of the week is their first single from the new album the remarkable Third of May/Odaigahara.

Light ended the night, but the song remained
And I was hiding by the stair, half here
Half there, past the lashing rain
And as the sky would petal white, old innocent lies came to mind
As we stood, congregated, at the firing line
Now, back in our town as a castaway
I’m reminded of the time it all fell in line, on the third of May
As if it were designed, painted in sand to be washed away
Oh, but I can hear you, loud in the center
Aren’t we made to be crowded together, like leaves?

I will be posting my Father John Misty (former Fleet Fox) Versus Fleet Foxes album review in the next couple of weeks so watch this space and in the meantime enjoy the beautiful sound of foxes singing in harmony.

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