Another artist I discovered via the eclectic genius of Jools Holland. I saw her performance and I immediately downloaded the album – as what I saw and heard was like nothing I had seen before. Her dancing has an intensity and physicality that really demands you to see her live, or at least watch her videos, as well as listening to her fantastic voice. It is the combination of her dance moves and singing that make her unique. She’s like a cross between Marcel Marceau and Michael Jackson, in a good way.

Heloise Letissier, the women behind Christine is also an advocate for LGBT rights and a purveyor of brilliantly offbeat and challenging lyrics about identity and the body.

“I miss prosthesis and mended souls
Trample over beauty while singing their thoughts
I match them with my euphoria
When they said, “je suis plus folle que toi”

Christine and the Queens have now conquered the French and British charts and last year she was triumphant at a series of festivals. She gave this fascinating interview with The Guardian last year, giving a further insight into her artistic process.

“She adopted the Christine persona after a lifesaving encounter with some drag queens, and her bilingual lyrics confront the shame she’s felt as a young queer woman. In an age of gender-fluidity and social-media-induced anxiety, she feels like the pop star we’ve been waiting for: Tilted, a song about embracing awkwardness, stealthily ascended to Radio 1’s A list, and the album spent weeks in the top five.”


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