Track of the Week – Lorde

This insanely talented young musician came to my attention, like so many musical things, via the eclectic taste of Jools Holland. Her performance on Jools was captivating and authentic. Her voice has a wisdom beyond her mortal years. And although I am not sure musicians should be role models or what a role model even is, Lorde seems to promote an independence of thought that I admire. I guess that has always been the overall theme of this blog, to take a look at the world outside, so it’s no surprise I feel an affinity with some of her words.

“I feel like that (writing about boys) isn’t maybe the best thing for young girls to be hearing or molding their lives around. Maybe they aren’t the best values for young people and that’s another thing I hold with importance: come on, it doesn’t all have to be about a boy.” – Huffington Post


“The truth is I am a toy that people enjoy

‘Til all of the tricks don’t work anymore

And then they are bored of me

I know that it’s exciting

Running through the night, but

Every perfect summer’s

Eating me alive until you’re gone

Better on my own”

Liability by Ella Yelich O’connor / Jack Antonoff

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