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There’s a crow upon my shoulder

There’s a dog in my back yard

He’s always asking me for favours

I give an inch he takes a yard

I guess that’s a little like my neighbours stretching truth until it’s hard

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

There’s a glimmer in the hedgerow

It’s where my hopes used to dream

Now the glimmer’s getting fainter

Deciduous not evergreen

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

There’s a fly stuck in the ointment

It’s a joke that’s gone too far

There’s a crack formed in the pavement

I might go there to retire

The crow is tapping at my window

Not got cleaning on his mind

The traffic warden’s an assasin

I keep running out on time

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Oh oh oh oh

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017

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