Say words then feel them, let them run between your fingers like water from a fountain

Water is life giving


Hopeful optimism

Love conquers fear every time, even in the words of this rhyme

Sprained my shoulder gardening

Pulling up weeds can be dangerous work, but I won’t shirk

I’m safe in the sanctuary

Running away from the dog, or maybe it’s a crow, always on my shoulder

But now I’ve found a remedy and it’s not a glass of brandy

A Woody Allen quote about the end of the world amused me, enthused me – I grabbed hold of that feeling, wrapped it in cotton wool and tenderly placed it in my scrap book

It’s the hook that keeps me emptied of pervasive thoughts that are the enemy

That dandelion didn’t look like it could take me

and now my shoulder is wary

Keep digging, running, baking, reading, writing, singing hosanna, and the Monkees theme tune, or Harry Style for that matter

Sing out in jubilation at the situation of being in the present. Being now, right now, for the first time in – I can’t remember

Praise for the clarity and the love in humanity

Bow down and praise

His hand on my shoulder

His voice in my ear

My shepherd

Rod and staff guiding me

Love reviving me

Chucking me a lifebelt when I circled the drain

Banish black clouds somehow, with dragons and cuddles, with walks on the banks

Each step like being in treacle but then like gliding on the air

Light of the world, light up my heart

Tiny hand in mine, historical dramas and a glass of wine

love be always on my mind

Love in the darkness

Love in the shadows

Love is the light

Love is the light

Love is the light

Copyright John de Gruyther 2017

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