It’s that time of the year again everyone. No not Halloween or bonfire night but my annual letter from American Express for the mysterious Ivan Shooter. As those that follow my blog will know I have entered into a one sided (so far it’s one sided but I can only live in hope) poetic correspondence with American Express. Here’s the latest installment.

Ivan – Part Three

His name emblazoned onto my memory
Our special relationship, standing shoulder to shoulder against the powers of darkness

Ivan shooting through my brain. I have asked American Express to stop, but it’s all in vain

Still the letters come via plane, will things ever be the same?

Ivan the terrible
Ivan the great
Ivan Shooter, too good to slate

I wonder what he’s doing and if he’ll ever write me back. I hope he’s not a clown for a living, as in the current climate he’s likely to get the sack.

Ivan are you happy
Ivan are you sad
Ivan if you’re married, then I am glad

And even though I’ve only a name to go by, I have a feeling we could’ve been fast friends. Constantly getting your credit card bills would send most people round the bend.

Not me though because every moment is an opportunity for joy. Can’t wait until the letter comes again.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2016

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