I don’t know what it means.
What’s a pokemon? (I partly joke)
I barely know my Taylor Swifts from my
Meghan Trainors

Is the Fresh Prince still cool?

Apparently you can go and find Pikachu
at the railway station.
Have you still got to catch them all?

I’ve got a collection of Italia 90 coins from esso garage. Neil Webb an unlikely hero. Do people still talk in person?

Snapchat, instagram, Facebook, this blog, all ways of connecting without doing the deed. But I’m no luddite. I’m too intrigued to see where things are going. I talk and surf but I’m trying to be nearer as I sit in the sun staring at a screen.

Go catch them all you wonderful people but be careful with your online safety (my inner Dad remarks)

Copyright John de Gruyther 2016

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