This will be my next project after my latest article deadlines next week. It will be a short story for children and I plan to sell it as an ebook, raising funds for the Bristol children’s hospital. It will also feature illustrations from my talented daughter.

We recently had to spend time at Bristol hospital and the staff were amazing so this will be our small way of showing our appreciation. I will never take the nhs for granted again. We should all marvel at what a gift our health service is. Every night I would go home with a promise to return the next day with a new installment of the adventures of a grumpy but lovable aardvark.


“About this time yesterday, just after nap time but not long from breakfast, Aardvark decided to go on an adventure. He was feeling abit humpf-ish so he went on his own. He perched on the end of the bed and jumped into a swirling dream portal, a land of adventures.

He turned around and bumped into a purplish thingy.

“ouch that hurt.” Said the purplish thingy.

“humpf.” Said Aardvark.

“What are you?” Said Aardvark rudely. He felt rude because he hadn’t eaten for at least 5 minutes.

“I’m a growler.” Said the growler.

“My name is Graham.”


A growler comes into being when a lion or tiger or any sort of growlish beast lets out a roar

Copyright John de Gruyther 2016

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