Meet the hosts



Dean is the founder and main host for LSG Media. When asked what power he would have if he were to be admitted to Professor Xavier’s school for the gifted he replied “Once upon a time my friend likened me to Task Master (basically a fast learner), but that was a long time ago. I’d love to have some kind of perfect health. That’d squash much of my anxiety, but ease of travel is a big one. Imagine if with a mere thought, and then a BAMF, that I could appear next to you and conduct this interview in person…?”



The first love of her life was Han Solo, so it’s not surprising Jessica ended up co-hosting a podcast about science fictions films and TV shows. Jessica is currently the only woman podcasting for LSG Media, and enjoys bringing her female perspective to the show. She is the resident expert on time travel movies, and as an avid reader she typically has a lot to say about movies/shows based on books. When she is not podcasting, Jessica can be found rescuing animals, trying to write the great American novel, or watching reality TV.

Aaaaand if she had an x-men superpower it would be the ability to communicate with animals for sure


Josh was born and raised in Massachusetts to the company of a great group of friends and those friends’ influential older brothers who properly christened him in geekdom. Star Wars, Star Trek, roleplaying games, punk rock, and a litany of other essential ingredients helped to create the man Josh would grow to be. He spent a couple tours in the U.S. Marine Corps meeting interesting and stimulating people of an ancient culture, and killing them. He is now a co-host at LSG Media.



Host and grower shaver of beards. The mouth from the South who lives in the West. Expert on xenomorphs and friend of Ridley Scott. He also has a contact within LucasFilm that grants LSG Media exclusive interviews with George Lucas. (It must be a beard thing?)



Art Director, Collector of Warhammer trophies, and lover of games. If he isn’t whipping up sweet art for LSG Media, he is likely making you cry at the gaming table.

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