I’m currently in a media (print and social) blackout to avoid any information, however minor, about a certain space film, that you may have heard returns to the silver screen this week.

I genuinely want to avoid anything spoiling the childlike excitement I’m feeling in advance of returning to the Star Wars universe. I saw Return of the Jedi when I was 4 years old and the magic has stayed with me and I’ve enjoyed sharing this magic with my young padawans. I’m confident JJ Abrams will take Star Wars back to its brilliant roots, and will let you know my thoughts after watching the film on Saturday.

My attempt to avoid any news about Star Wars reminds me of my favourite Likely Lads episode where they spend the whole episode trying to avoid hearing the England football result, only to be disappointed at the last. It would be much harder for the boys to have lasted as long as they did these days because of 24 hour news, smartphones and “characters” on social media doing all they can to spoil the joy for others.

I thoroughly endorse JJ’s valiant attempts at keeping the plot under wraps, trying to take us back to a time when going to the movies was a true adventure. This is my last venture into the online world until Sunday so may the force be with you.

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