Every year we get an annual statement from American Express for someone who doesn’t live at out address. For a couple of years we just scrawled not known at this address on it and popped it back in the post. Last year we decided to try a different tact and started to write a little note on these letters. Here is this year’s effort…

“Oh Ivan Shooter
I never knew ya
Did you ever live under my roof, ah, I don’t know.
For many years I’ve been getting your mail, it really is an epic tale.
Return to sender let’s be clear
But do write again next year”

Copyright 2015 John de Gruyther

2 thoughts on “Ivan Shooter

  1. I bet they love you at the postal service ^_^ I’ll have to remember to be creative like that when I get my next mis-sent mail.

    We’ve been getting collection phone calls for a dude for about 8 years. I should tell them he doesn’t live here but maybe he needs the time to find the money

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