A few months back I hinted that I had an exciting announcement about my Tall Man poetry collection. I had come to a provisional agreement for publication but having worked on the manuscript and worked towards completing the project I started to have second thoughts about this agreement, it just didn’t feel the right format for Tall Man. But instead of explaining this in any more detail I thought I would let Tall Man tell you himself the reasons why he is holding off his big day in the publishing sun.


An Interview with Tall Man


(I caught up with Tall Man during his recent tour of Sherwood Forest)


John: How are you feeling today Tall Man?

Tall Man: Fine thank you. I am feeling pretty fresh considering how old I am, this Autumn has really invigorated me, I feel no more than 200 hundred.


J: Wow that’s great to hear. Tell me about the Tall Man Chronicles and when we are likely to able to read it.


TM: Well I felt that I needed to branch out (if you will excuse the pun) and share my story with the world. I think its messages are very relevant to modern society. However as I started to re-tell my story I realised that people need to hear it and see it in a certain way.


J: How do you mean?


TM: I have a particular way that it needs to look visually and a concept of how the whole story needs to be told. My story is told through a series of poems but they are inter-connected and tell a wider tale. The proposed platform for realising my vision for the story just wasn’t right and the more I thought about it I knew I needed to put a hold on things…


J: Until you find the right platform and publisher?


TM: Right, exactly right. (Tall Man pauses at this point to stretch his trunk and take a sip of his Green Tea with a slice of lemon)


J: Can you tell me a bit about the actual story and when we are likely to see it in print?


TM: The story is all about me, but it’s also about the planet and the universe. It starts at the very beginning of my life and the beginning of all Treekind and spans the whole of the Earth’s existence including all its wars and its future history. It looks at how nature interacts with man and how man has taken more than it has given back. I suppose it’s a warning but it also has unifying themes, there is an underlying optimism that we can do better and it’s not too late. As for when we will see it in print, that’s probably down to you. I know you have been working hard to find the right home for it and you will continue to do so.


J: I will, I am currently reviewing a couple of options, so there will be some more news soon.


TM: I have every confidence in you.


J: Tall Man thanks for taking time out from your tour to speak with me.


TM: It was a pleasure.


Copyright 2015 John de Gruyther


The Tall Man Chronicles by John de Gruyther is being carefully edited and the artwork is being designed. For all updates on the project including likely publication dates follow this blog. You can also follow John on social media via his Facebook page or on Twitter @JohndeGruyther.

I will shortly be making an announcement about another poetry collection I have been working on, so watch this space as I will be posting it soon.

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