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Tales From The Edge Of My Living Room

I have had a recent burst of creativity after some time out. I have still been writing and slowly and painfully re-writing my novel but I have taken a conscious step back from one or two things of late to give myself some space. Here is a tip for any fellow writers out there; sometimes it is all right to give yourself a break, put less pressure on yourself and take a step back from one or two things in order to re-focus on what it is you really enjoy about writing and creating.

So it’s been a while since a writing update so what have I been up to? I have a couple of Star Trek articles due out over the next few months and I am putting the finishing touches on my Tall Man Chronicles poetry collection before I make an exciting announcement about its publication. I am planning an e-book called Pembroke Poems, which is written and I am just thinking about the logistics of self-publishing.

All my other projects are very much on the slate and making progress, and I will post news of developments once there is anything to report.

I wanted to share a new idea for a children’s story that is beginning to swirl around my head;

The Rabbits of Newton North

The Rabbits of Newton North

The Rabbits of Newton North

The rabbits of Newton North had lived in the ruins of the church for centuries. Father Rabbit remembered from his childhood, a time when the “two-feet” (or hew-mans as some of the animals called them) still lived next to them as neighbours. He still heard about them from time to time but he hadn’t seen one for years.

Great Great Grand Father Rabbit knew the history of the church itself and often told a tale that insisted that his ancestor helped build the church in the 12th Century. And in the changing landscape around them, the one constant that remained were the rabbits of Newton North.

The church may have fallen into ruins but the warrens within the gaps of the church and below the church structure itself, were complex and provided the rabbits with a warm and wonderful home.

Copyright John de Gruyther 2015

So just a very short extract of what I hope might be a short story or a series of stories; I am busy developing ideas for the story and plotting out where to take it next. Let me know in the comments section below what you think so far.

4 thoughts on “Tales from the Edge of my Living Room – The Rabbits of Newton North

  1. I don’t think I’ve read any of your writing about Star Trek. I’d like to pass those on to my husband, he’d enjoy that.

    I like that the rabbits even within the broken down church still find sanctuary there, of a sort. It’s a great image

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    • Thank you for picking up on that theme from my very short extract. My Trek writing is only available in print (I’m contractually obliged not to re-create elsewhere) but I have been thinking for a while i might create a separate Trek page on my blog and I can post the titles and links of how to order the magazines. Thanks for the interest 🙂

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      • Yes, please do post the magazines, we would be certain to get them 🙂 I also enjoy Trek, kind of had to. You know, ‘if you can’t beat ’em, join ’em’. 🙂

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