Over the next couple of weeks you may notice some gradual changes on this blog. The modern parlance seems to be a re-boot and I guess that is a good way to categorise the changes I will be making to the site. I have decided to be more focused and part of that decision has lead me to concentrate on just one or two major projects at a time, instead of spreading myself too thinly.

I have nearly finished the first draft of my novel and when it is finally finished I will be putting it aside for 6 months (locked in a cupboard where I will absolutely not be tempted to look at it every 5 minutes) to work on two scripts I have been developing. Creative writing is something I want to pursue to the fullest extent possible and I think a clear focus is an important step in achieving my aims.

So where does that leave The World Outside the Window? It leaves it very much alive and kicking but it is going to have a slightly different look and feel. It will gradually become a magazine style blog, featuring guest posts, interviews and general interest articles. I want the content to be of the highest quality and I already have some fantastic guest bloggers lined up and some varied and interesting articles in the pipeline.

You will still be able to check out my poetry, read about my ongoing journey through Star Trek’s literary universe and get updates on the novel and other projects on my new dedicated author blog www.johndegruyther.wordpress.com

As always thanks so much for reading, your support and feedback is much appreciated.

One thought on “Changes

  1. And in 6 months time, you realise what you’ve let yourself in for!!!! I have two blogs; the one on UK Arts Directory I use just for writing/self-publishing advice. It’s hard to think of something new to write every week, on that subject alone. Maybe not if it was all I did, but I am a novelist first and foremost. So I hit on the idea of guest posts. I found it took even more time out of my writing day than doing my own posts. The admin involved… having said that, I’m really glad I did so, because it made the blog more interesting – which is what it’s all about! And it was also nice to give 10 people another arena on which to appear 🙂

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