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Heard your doubts

All you do is dream of doubt

Lurking shadows the only thing that you can trade

What really lurks beneath that innocuous façade

Your motives as clear as the off shore tax havens in which you bathe

The veneer is worn away, skulls and atrocity behind your spotless grin

Still you writhe within pure doubt

Whilst you glimmer in light are you some despotic apothecary

This is no bureaucratic stipulation or sinister cabal

but flesh and blood and humanity

Compassion up in smoke, just facebook posts espousing democracy
Empires built upon borrowed debt

But you doubt to dream

Is it right to be two ways

a smile and polite small talk at day

but at night, at night fevers and nightmares conspire

To leave you in no doubt

Far simpler to grin and bear it

The sight is hard to share

Sometimes you must stand to the side of right

even if you are alone

Forestall the knowledge that is doubt

Lost in a forest, does power mean destruction

Information has no discrimination it talks to all

the flow constant but rarely accurate

it harbours the criminals of intellect

hijacking reason, held hostage by rage

But still you cling to doubt

Pure and virtuous but that’s all made up

the only truth your lies

Sinewy muscle toned for despair

dark corridors you mentioned in tirades against reason

Doubt is just shock in disguise

©John de Gruyther 2014

2 thoughts on “Doubt Re-Booted

  1. There is so much raw truth in this poem. The last line really gets to me – every time I’ve had doubt, I now realise it comes from shock, and the subconscious denial that things must change. I know they must, but I have never recognised that until now. Thank you for the wonderful poem!


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