70 years
70 years

So worried about stock piling,
and stories about weapons of mass destruction,
a great deception

Let’s celebrate, the only nation to have dropped
in anger
A glorious cloud in the sky,
radiation sickness for years,
hip hip hooray

Bring out the banners,
and have a parade
70 years, oh 70 years,
it don’t fade away

Dresden, another guilty
and genocide on a buffalo plain
Red, white and blue, land of the free,
free to drop napalm on skin

Stars and stripes,
right to be afraid of despots with missiles
Because there is blood on
the eagle’s trade

70 years,
don’t stop being afraid
70 years don’t ever forget,
the real price we paid

Pearl Harbour,
an act of bloody war
Hiroshima, Nagasaki,
an act of unmitigated evil

Just figures and statistics
Women, and children
Mothers and fathers,
green fields and flowers
all nuclear dust
Oh 70 years

© John de Gruyther 2014

7 thoughts on “Hiroshima

  1. Yes, it’s the almighty DOLLAR game. I grew up in a system of fear and shame, and it’s taken all this time to see the damage this does not only to individuals, but to society as a whole. Old movie, Pres. convinces world leaders to destroy wmd…. a fantasy, of course, but still….

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