A fantastic short story by my talented friend Rachael…

Changing Skin: modern haiku and other stories

 Time for a short story…


Photo courtesy Times Online

One night something sneaked into Ellie’s bedroom and breathed cold air all over her face. ‘You can’t frighten me,’ she whispered. ‘I know what you are. Just a ghost. Go away. I’m in the middle of a very nice dream.’

Ellie wasn’t scared of the usual things that frightened everyone else. ‘They’re just things we can’t explain,’ she told her mother. ‘Bit like miracles.’ Every Saturday Ellie went to the library, and came back with backache and a rucksack full of books about supernatural goings-on. ‘You don’t need to have dreams like other people,’ said her mother. ‘Seeing as you spend most of your time reading about that weird stuff.’

Ellie recorded a video on her mobile of some ectoplasm whizzing about in the attic, just to prove to her mother that some things do exist even when you couldn’t be…

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