A post from last year, dedicated to a good friend of mine.

The World Outside the Window

Tea in a plastic cup, poetry and tea, tea and poetry, drinkware, plastic cups and poetry, hospitals, tea based poetry and plastic cups Tea in a Plastic Beaker

Tea in a Plastic Beaker

Grey machinery

Tainted with war monger’s chic


Trays of medication spelling out confusion

Phials of blood

And walls painted with sterility

Awash with mundane voices of bureaucracy

In corridors lost

Looking for crap coffee and maybe a Twix

NHS has a beat with goodness at its heart

But frightened ladies

Cowed by the grudge of a rumour

Swallowed up by lines on a clipboard

Whilst in the chapel they silently pray

Wendy says that blood is “wibbly-wobbly”

Baleful glares from far away

Have you been to Hull and back again?

Can text messages contain poison

If sent with enough venom?

All a backdrop to the dark lair of your mind



Almost saw a full moon

An eyeful more than expected

Daggers aimed in danger

The tower block of memory

The time they wheeled a body in beneath…

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