Paisley Soul

Paisley Soul

Excerpt from the diary of Victoria Cabrera… The investigation continues.

April 4th 2034

I can’t even begin to make sense of what I found at Mum’s house today!! A friend recently recommended poetry as a way to express feelings, and although I think it’s corny, I decided to give it a go…..

I found the letters amongst the fragments of your life
The letters I was never meant to see but sell me all your lies
Seeing those words now even after the event
Seems like an invasion
Daggers in the print
Driving back and forth
All that I can do
I knew the letters existed but never met their force
Emotionally charged no sign of the truth
You were in torment and I was charged with guilt
Do you still view me that way at the centre of your web
Or does the firing line determine what’s the lowest ebb
I’m trying out my duty
to God and you’re the queen
Of every tiny moment
And every single scene
Swirling revelations are coming
Closer day by day
A sinister whirlwind of deception
Saved for final days
Going through boxes of possessions
Dark discoveries from the grave
I found the letters
And it’s me who has to pay

Whatever happened to Victoria Cabrera? – The Son with a Paisley Soul by John de Gruyther

©John de Gruyther 2014


5 thoughts on “Letters Found

  1. Wow, a powerful poem. It struck a chord with me as I am clearing out my mum’s house now. The legacy can be very painful and destructive as I know and its reverberations will be felt forever.
    My only conclusion, a bit of advice I was given by a lovely priest in Rome, is that we have to LET IT GO! It’s in the past and the future is up to us.


  2. Powerful stuff. Really good. The only thing that might be worth looking at is your use of references which may not be a common part of the culture in 2034, such as daggers, graves and a firing line. Difficult one, but you’ll know whether they fit with your timeline 🙂 But a moving piece that hints at an intriguing back story 🙂


    • Thank Rachael, an interesting point. A believable setting for the second book will be important and as it features the grown up children of the protagonist from the first book, the setting will have to be in the future.

      I haven’t yet drawn out this universe fully but the vernacular of the future will be something I have to think about. My first instinct is not to go down the “Clockwork Orange” invent a language route, but we shall see..

      I wanted this piece to be an insight into Victoria’s family life as it will form a part of the investigation into her murder….

      Thank for your always insightful and helpful comments 🙂
      Sent from my BlackBerry smartphone from Virgin Media


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