Robin Hood and Batman have always had a lot in common; aside from their penchant for dressing up, their main point of commonality is that they share a particular brand of stylish vigilante justice. Both the caped and capped crusaders are driven by isolation and personal tragedy, each working outside the accepted laws of the land to achieve singular aims. They both skirt the grey area of right versus wrong, posing the audience questions like “is it ok to kill someone as long as they are super evil?” Or “is it ok to steal from someone as long as they are mega rich and their wealth is ill-gotten?” They staunchly stick to a self-devised moral code that is at times in conflict with perceived social norms. A recurring issue for Batman is his rule that he will NEVER kill, he can beat someone half to death with his bare hands but killing is a step too far. Robin Hood is similarly concerned about upholding his code of honour, but it is a code of his own design and when he crosses the line, is anyone able to stop him going too far?.. READ THE FULL ARTICLE HERE

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