Hanging 120 foot from a crane

The only way that you can feel life

Death devourer’s grinning teeth waiting impartially below

Walk across a bridge, don’t jump from an elastic cord

So detached of feeling that hurtling to death is the only life you have


Crane crane go away

Come again another day


Suicide isn’t funny

It’s really not

It is the end, whatever deity you look to,

it’s the end for family, touch and smelling,

the scent of a loved one, still on the sheets when they leave the bed,

still in the room when they have left for work

That’s real

Don’t glorify killing in the name of a thrill

People love you, oh mighty crane botherer

Love you for being you,

in all your magnificent imperfection


Crane crane go away

Come again another day


A man, let’s call him Joe

Couldn’t contact his significant other for 3 days

Phone off the hook

Son gone with her

She’d been drinking

He knew she was down

Pills in front of her, on the bedside of some cheap hotel

She turned up later, as if nothing had happened

He felt anger,

she felt nothing

and life resumed

Not fun, just pain and confusion

Something gone inside, lost and numb

To hang so high when you have a worried Mum

Wish words could hit you with some ring of truth

Making you see it’s not noble or anti-establishment,

it’s bleak, as is life,


and that’s alright


Crane crane go away

Show us all some other way

4 thoughts on “Crane

    • Thanks Rachael, I love it when I don’t overwrite too 🙂 Sometimes it just happens easily and it works, like this piece. Other times, as you know, it can be a torturous process and that’s when the danger of overwriting rears its ugly head..
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